Cheryl’s Non Flop Malva Pudding


Malva pudding is my husband’s all time favourite! The stickier the better 🙂 This great recipe is from my friend Candice’s mom. Its a non-flop, easy and tasty winner!

1Tbs Butter

1 Tbs Brown Vinegar

1 Cup Sugar

1 Tbs apricot jam

1 Egg

1⁄2 tsp Salt

1 Cup Flour

1 tsp Bicarb mixed with 1 Cup Milk


– Mix butter and sugar. Add egg and vinegar and mix together.

– Mix the bicarb, milk & jam together in a jug & add to mixture.

– Mix well and then add the flour, salt & mix again.

–  Bake at 180 C  for 30 min

For the Sauce: 

Heat the following in a sauce pan over a medium heat until the sugar dissolves:

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

2tsp vanilla essence

– When your malva comes out of the oven pour over the sauce while still hot and serve with cream or  ice cream or custard 🙂


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