Perfect Pizza Dough


Home made pizza is just awesome! You can get so creative with it and its way cheaper than getting take out, especially if you have a big family. When my son was young we had so much fun making pizzas. I used to make spider pizza shapes, or dinosaurs, or my pride and joy… A scorpion shaped pizza! It was pretty cool if I say so myself. You can do heart shapes for a romantic DVD night in… Just let your imagination run wild!

This recipe is from my sister, who is a whizz in the kitchen. Se gave it me years ago and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used it. I really like this dough because there is no oil in it.

4 Cups flour
1 tsp (5mls) salt
1 tsp (5mls) sugar
7.5 mls dry yeast
350 mls luke warm water

Mix all the ingredients together and knead well. Place in a bowl in a warm place with a tea towel soaked in hot water (and squeezed out) over the top of the bowl. Leave for 30 mins. The dough will rise.

Preheat your oven to 230 C.

Break little balls off and roll into whatever shape you like. Don’t worry if its not perfect, I think rustic looking pizza’s look great!

A great tip….

Place baking paper on the surface you are working on and place your rolled out pizza dough on it. Then you can assemble your pizza on the baking paper. When you are ready you can move the pizza onto a baking sheet with the paper. You must bake the pizza on the baking paper, on the baking sheet for about 7 minutes, or until the cheese melts and goes bubbly.

This technique is particularly useful if you are making pizzas for a few people as you can prepare pizzas while the others are in the oven.

The baking paper also ensures the dough doesn’t stick to the baking tray.


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