Halloumi and Brie Bites wrapped in Proscuitto with a Sweet Chili Drizzle

Haloumi proscuitto

I really need to keep my camera ready. This picture was the closest thing I could find to give you an idea. But this was a fantastic and REALLY easy starter to make for dinner guests, and it went down really well. I got the idea from a starter that my husband and I shared (more like fought over) at a great little restaurant. It was so easy to replicate! Enjoy!

1 block halloumi cheese, cut into fingers

3 tbsp flour

3 tbsp olive oil

About 6 – 8 slices of proscuitto

1 triangular block of Brie (french) cut into fingers

1 packet of fresh baby rocket

Sweet Chili Sauce (Wellingtons if you can) to drizzle

– Place the rocket on a small pile on each plate and drizzle the sweet chili sauce around the outside of the rocket pile

– Dust the halloumi fingers in the four and then fry in the olive oil (once the oil is hot) on a medium heat turning the cheese fingers until JUST before golden brown.

– Take them out and place them on some kitchen paper to drain excess oil and wait for them to cool enough so you can handle them.

– Cut the proscuitto into thin strips and wrap one strip around the halloumi finger. Repeat until all of them are covered.

– Wrap the Brie fingers in one strip each of the proscuitto and you can place the Brie fingers on the rocket as these are now done. No frying at all involved with the Brie.

– Now heat the oil up again (or new oil if you wish) and when hot, turn the heat down to medium and pop the wrapped haloumi fingers in the pan for a quick fry, until nicely golden brown. This step is QUICK – don’t over cook them here.

– Place the halloumi on the plate on top of the rocket, with the brie fingers and serve immediately.


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