Sushi Making Courses

sushi night

Learn to make Sushi in your own home with your friends and family!

For people that know me personally, I will be offering a course to learn how to make sushi which will be held in your home! A great opportunity to invite your friends and family over for a glass of wine and a really fun sushi night.

The duration of the course is 2 hours. After which you are free to enjoy the mountains of sushi with your friends and family. AND the best part is that you will then be able to easily recreate it on your own going forward. A very valuable skill!!

The course includes:

Lessons in making:

Sushi rice

California rolls



Hand rolls


Rainbow rolls


I would provide all the ingredients and equipment needed to make the sushi. 

Cost per head:  R320

If you would like me to provide home kits for your guests to take home, I can do these for you for R350 each.  One set would be enough for 2 people in 1 household.

These kits will set you up for everything you need (except for the fish and veggies) to be able to make sushi from home and they include:

1 x packet seaweed sheets (20 sheets)

1 x 500g Sushi Rice

1 x bottle of sushi rice vinegar

1 x Japanese mayonnaise

1 x jar of pickled ginger

1 x tube of wasabi paste

1 x bottle of Kikoman soy sauce in a glass pouring jug

1 x packet of sesame seeds

2 x bamboo sheets

2 x sets of chop sticks

2 x soy sauce ramekins

All participants need to bring their own apron and a sharp knife.

Email me on if you would like to make it happen!

sushi course 1

sushi course 3


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