Chicken Dim Sum with Coconut Buns, Cucumber Pickle and Hoi Sin Sauce

JO Chicken Dim Sum0002


I recently received the Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals book as a gift. What a gift!! I am loving the quick and more importantly healthy recipes that are in it and they are all just packed with my kinds of flavour! I will be trying and testing and blogging the good ones for you. I tried this one last night. I was a bit worried about steaming buns and steaming chicken (!!) as I had never done that before but it was so exciting to see how it all just worked!

I used portobellini  mushrooms as I couldn’t get to the right shop to get the mixed mushrooms, but they worked beautifully. I laid it all out in the steamer and in the small bowls (see the definition of Dim Sum below) and my family tucked in! We loved it J

You do need one of these bamboo steamers though – it’s essential!



For the Coconut Buns

1 x 400g tin of coconut milk

2 coconut milk tins (500g) of self raising flour, plus extra for dusting


For the Chicken, pickle & garnishes

2 x 200g skinless chicken breasts

140g mixed mushrooms

3 tbsp hoi sin sauce, plus extra to serve

2 limes

200g tenderstem broccoli

1 cucumber

1 Tbsp soy sauce

1 Tbsp rice or white wine vinegar

½ a bunch of fresh coriander

3 Tbsp sesame seeds

Pickled ginger

1 – 2 fresh red chilies


  • Pour the coconut milk into a food processor with 2 heaped tins worth of self-raising flour and a good pinch of salt, whiz to a dough, then tip on to a flour dusted work surface. Roll the dough into a sausage shape, cut into 8 even sized pieces, then place each one into a double-layered muffin case, and squeeze those into one layer of the steamer. Pour 5 cm of boiling water into a large wok or on top of a medium saucepan. Put the basket of buns on top with the lid on and leave to steam hard.
  • Cut the chicken into 1cm strips and toss in a bowl with the roughly torn mushrooms, hoi sin sauce, juice of ½ lime and a pinch of salt. Mix with your hands.
  • Tip the chicken and mushroom mixture into the second steamer basket along with the trimmed broccoli and pop underneath the tray of buns for 5 minutes until cooked through.
  • Peel the cucumber into ribbons (I used a vegetable peeler), toss into a bowl with the soy sauce, vinegar and a few torn coriander leaves, then with clean hands squeeze and scrunch everything together to make a pickle.
  • Toast the sesame seeds in the frying pan on a low heat until golden, then tip into a little bowl, cut the remaining 1 ½ limes into wedges, and serve with the pickled ginger and extra hoi sin sauce in little bowls.
  • Serve the buns and chicken in the steamer trays, scattering everything with the remaining coriander leaver and finely sliced chilli.


Serves 4

Recipe and Photo from Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals


What does DIM SUM mean??

Dim sum refers to a style of Cantonese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. Dim sum is also well known for the unique way it is served in some restaurants, whereby fully cooked and ready-to-serve dim sum dishes are carted around the restaurant for customers to choose their orders while seated at their tables.

Eating dim sum at a restaurant is usually known in Cantonese as going to “drink tea” as tea is typically served with dim sum.


7 thoughts on “Chicken Dim Sum with Coconut Buns, Cucumber Pickle and Hoi Sin Sauce

  1. I made this dish and it was very delicious and so simple, I love Jamie’s recipes and infectious personality. I didn’t have a problem at all with the coconut buns they turned out great and boy are they ever filling, I did not have self rising flour but I just added 2 tsp of baking powder per cup of flour to make my own. I highly recommend this one. Thanks for reading

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