About Me


I’m slightly addicted to Recipe Books and Recipe Magazines. Ok – I’m a LOT addicted…I thought this was a good way to share some of my favourite recipes that I find hidden in the MANY pages that I have gone through. I’ve made all of them and my husband has eaten all of them, so they get his nod of approval too! 🙂 Some are my own recipes, but most of them are from books,magazines and the internet! I hope you enjoy them!!

I absolutely love having friends and family in our home for a meal. It’s one of the ways that I love. It feels good when people leave our home happy and well fed! I think it was my love for feeding friends that drove me to ‘up my game’ in the recipe department as I found that I was just doing the same thing, and that started driving me crazy. The more I tried new recipes, the more hungry I got to understand food and flavours more. My passion for food grew, and it continues to grow. 

The kitchen has always been my stress release zone. My creative outlet. My me time. And a  place where disasters and miracles happen 🙂

The recipes that I find and try (and will share on this blog) are all about fresh, bright, colourful, beautiful, delicious, mostly healthy and nutritious food. They are also really simple and easy to follow, delivering great taste with hopefully not too much time and effort 🙂

I really hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I have. If you try them, please let me know how it turned out and what you thought!


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